Board of Directors

We believe that families are the strength behind the uniform. Military Family Resource Centres strive to provide the member and their family with firsthand information, and an extensive array of services to address the social, physical and emotional needs of the family during postings and operations. Fifty-one per cent of MFRC Board must be family members of serving CF members, so families maintain direct control over the programs and services they see are needed by the CF families in their community.

Want to join the Board?

The Halifax & Region MFRC relies on volunteer family members to provide governance. For information on becoming a Board member, contact the MFRC at 427-7780 or use one of the links below:

2017-2018 Board of Directors

Voting Members

Non-Voting Members

How much work is really involved?

Being a Board member does require work. You are required to attend monthly Board meetings, read reports, and possibly chair a committee. There is also Board training, orientation, workshops and special events. On average, the position requires about 10 hours a month between September and June.