Deployment Services

Deployment is one of the most significant experiences of being in a military family. Your Military Family Resource Centre is well aware of the challenges living a military lifestyle places on families during a deployment or work related separations. We believe Deployment does not begin when the member leaves nor does it end on his/her arrival home. MFRC programs and services work to provide on-going support to CF members and their families. A Family Network is put in place for a six month or longer deployments and activities and events are available for families experiencing short term separations. Go to Deployment Workshops, Services and Programs for more information.

Deployment Programs

Our Deployment Services team offer a variety of programs for deployed family members. Check out our deployment calendar for more information. ​

The Deployment Cycle

Check out this slide show presentation about the deployment cycle. When you experience a deployment it is natural to have a range of emotions. Often experiencing a deployment can feel like riding a roller coaster, with many emotional ups and downs. There are things that families can do before, during and after a deployment in order to experience a positive deployment/separation.

Stage 1

Anticipation of Loss

4-6 weeks before departure

Family: You’re leaving again! The roof still needs to be fixed

Members: I’ll soon be gone and STILL have so much to do, for work and at home. Will my family be okay?

Stage 2

Detachment & Withdrawal

(Last wk before departure)

Family: I’m so angry — Hurry up and leave!

Members: I wish this deployment would start already!

Stage 3

Emotional Disorganization

(First 6wks of deployment)

Family: Oh no! Did I forget to lock the door before bed?

Members: I just worked 9 days straight, 15 hrs a day. It’s hotter than I ever imagined. I’m exhausted!

Stage 4

Recovery & Stabilization


Family: I’m doing ok? I just fixed the leaky tap by myself!

Members: Work is going well but, do they still need me at home?

Stage 5

Anticipation of Homecoming

(Last 6 wks of deployment)

Family: What if we don’t have anything in common anymore? Will he/she notice that I gained 10 lbs?

Members: Is he/she still going to love me? I just want to see my loved ones for the first week. I don’t want a big party.

Stage 6

Re-negotiation of Relationship

(First 6 wks at home)

Family & Member Pt 1:Honeymoon Phase

Family Pt 2:You did not just throw your socks on the floor!

Member Pt 2: I just want some time alone to relax and do NOTHING!

Stage 7

Reintergration & Stabilization

(6–12 wks after deployment)

Family: Life is different… but awesome!

Members:Honey, I’m home!