NDWCC 2017

​Military families are the strength behind the uniform. Please support the MFRC through the NDWCC Campaign. $10 a month can help military families in their moments of need. Please support us so we can support you.


  • We are a charity — many people believe we are a government agency, which we are NOT
  • The MFRC is the only charity solely dedicated to serve military families
  • We can’t do it without you!

46% of our annual budget relies on fundraising and program fees.

Last year fundraising provided

  • Over 749 nights spent in MFRC Emergency apartments
  • Over 2,374 individual participated in 116 deployment activities
  • 42 families (totalling 886 hours) accessed Respite Child Care
  • 101 participants in francophone family events

Services we offer to military families

  • Prevention, Support and Intervention (Psycho-Social Services)
  • Deployment Services
  • Children/Youth/Family Programs
  • Emergency Childcare
  • Parenting and Family Services
  • Weekday and Saturday Casual Care
  • Respite Childcare
  • Employment and Education Services
  • Family Information and Referral Services Team
  • Licensed Child Care Centres
  • Francophone Services
  • Newcomers Welcome Services
  • Special Events for military families
  • Veteran Family Program
  • Volunteer Services

How to make your ndwcc contribution

  • Just fill out Section 4 of your GCWCC Gift form