We Remember them

Fred Trainor

Boots in the sand

Fred B Trainor. 23 September 2015.

As I sit upon this old rock

Pondering at this great land

I can’t help but remember

When my boots were in the sand

The rocks and mountains

The smell of burning wood

It’s still in my memories

Of the places I once stood

Good or bad it still reflects

Of things I once seen

Somehow things aren’t the same

Even today it seems

The times of fear and anger

When I was amid that great mess

Which really helps bring home

The reason I was under such stress

I still can remember waking up

With critters all around

Hoping they weren’t hiding

Within my boots in the sand

As time goes on it still lingers

Of the memories I guess

I try not to let it affect me

And move on like the rest

I know there are others

That are worse off than me

Ones that never left

That were in the sand box with me

I can only hope another soldier

Will help a brother out

And contact those in need

So his light of hope never goes out

It’s always good to reach out

With a promise and helping hand

To the ones that need it most

That had their boots in the sand