March Break 2018


Shearwater Gym

How many games do you know how to play? Atlantic Youth has scoured the globe for this PurePlay event and came up with the best and most fun games ever. Their favourites are either hilarious like evolution or triangle tag, loud like ah-soh-koh or dragons and wizards or fast paced like streets and alleys or toe-tic-tac! Any way you look at it, this high energy and totally exhausting event is nothing but fun fun fun!

Date: Thursday, March 15, 2018

Time: 1:30 – 3pm

Cost: $4/person

Registration Deadline: Thursday, March 8 2018

Hope For Wildlife Presentation (5 years +)

Henderson Sweetman Youth Centre, Shearwater

Hope for Wildlife is a wildlife rehabilitation and education organization located in Seaforth, Nova Scotia. Since 1977, they have rescued, rehabilitated, and released over 40,000 injured and orphaned wild animals representing over 250 species. Hope for Wildlife aims to connect with people to wildlife through the way of positive knowledge and understanding of the animals. They assist over 10,000 callers on the wildlife helpline and welcome thousands of visitors to the facilities for tours. Hope for Wildlife gives hundreds of offsite educational presentations to community and school groups, and collect a wide range of data from animals treated at our rehabilitation centre.

Date: Tuesday, March 13 2018

Time: 1 – 2pm

Cost: $3/person

Registration Deadline: Tuesday, March 6, 2018