School Aged and Youth Programs

Youth and Family Services programs and services help military families face the challenges and adjustments that can come with military service. These programs and services promote the emotional and social well-being of youth and provide youth with a safe and structured environment to learn valuable skills, discover new interests and connect with others.

Youth Services offers a variety of programs including:

Henderson Sweetman Youth Centre

(ages 8 - 18 years)

​The Henderson Sweetman Youth Centre is located at the Shearwater Site and is a fully supervised youth centre with a variety of times for drop in and scheduled programming. Monthly programs include cooking in the kitchen, baking, science night, movies and munchies and other planned activities, plus drop in hours.

Youth Committee

(ages 12 - 18 years)

​Would you like to have a say about what programs and activities are happening at the YC? Or maybe you would like to give back to your community by mentoring some of today’s youth or fundraising for special events. Consider being a member of our Youth Leadership Committee and start making a difference today!

Leaders in Training

(ages 12 - 15 years)

​Do you enjoy working as part of a team and developing new skills? Check out this awesome program and discover how you can become a leader, develop your resume and learn many more awesome life skills! After training is finished, you will have the opportunity to volunteer and put your new skills to the test at MFRC summer camps. Don’t miss this awesome chance to prepare yourself for future employment and add some incredible training to your resume!

Girl Gab

(ages 8 - 15 years)

​Are you ready to take on some of life’s challenges that you face as a female youth today? Checkout our Girl Gab program and hang out with other girls your age experiencing preteen life. We’ll spend the first evening getting to know each other and planning activities for the other six sessions. Come and chat about bullying, living a healthy lifestyle and being a part of a military family and learn how you can be ready to face some of today’s challenges.

Home Alone

(ages 10 - 15 years)

​This program teaches youth life skills such as stove safety, basic first aid, how to plunge a toilet and much more… What happens when you want to make a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch when your mom is gone out, but you don’t know how to use the stove? Or, maybe you accidentally cut your finger by yourself and you don’t know how to properly bandage it up. You’re now at an age where becoming independent is cool and wouldn’t it be great to learn some of these skills while you are home alone?

Summer Day Camps

(school aged 5 year olds who have completed primary - 12 years)

​Summer camps are offered at both the Shearwater and Halifax Sites, children enjoy themed weeks, crafts, field trips, swimming, guest speakers, outdoor activities, games and much more.

School Outreach

The MFRC strives to contact schools who have students from military families. We encourage military families to also tell their school principal and/or guidance counsellor about what the MFRC can offer or to contact us to send information.

Monthly family activities

Saturday or Sunday once a month

​These activities offer families the opportunity to come out and socialize while trying a new activity with the whole family, and are a chance to connect and create new friendships and support systems for when the unexpected deployments or postings happen.
Cost: Varies depending on the activity | Deadline to Registration: check online calendar