School Outreach

The MFRC strives to contact schools who have students from military families. We encourage military families to also tell their school principal and/or guidance counsellor about what the MFRC can offer or to contact us to send information.

Briefings to educators

(30 - 45 minutes) during your school inservice days.

These briefings include aspects of the military lifestyle, such as deployment and reunions or moving/postings, a general overview of the military lifestyle and what services we provide.

Resources to educators

Resources to educators about deployments, adjusting to new schools, communicating with deployed parents, and the military lifestyle.

Briefings to students

Briefings to students can be tailored to a specific subject, such as communicating with a deployed parent; what to expect when a parent comes home; road trip games when moving or tools to help feel comfortable at a new school.

Briefings to students may include one or more of the following:

  • Puppets: we have various puppets that discuss their experience with the military; deployed parent; new to school; friend of military family. The target grades for the puppets are primary to grade 2
  • A story specific to the topic discussed (deployment, reunion, communication, emotions)
  • A trivia game specific to topic discussed
  • An interactive puzzle with questions related to the unique military lifestyle
  • Group discussion
  • Hands on experience: draw picture of parent’s ship, compose a letter to the troops, create a countdown calendar

Resources for Educators

Military Kids Connect