Licensed Child Care

The goal of our Child Care programs is to offer affordable, quality child care to CAF families.
Our Philosophy Statement: We believe children learn through active discovery and interactive play. To meet the needs of each developing child we will provide an active, inclusive environment with stimulating activities to enhance all areas of development. The children will be encouraged to direct their own play experiences through the use of adult arranged activities. These activities are chosen for their potential to engage and challenge, while promoting the child’s choice.

The Halifax & Region MFRC offers a variety of child care services and programs to CF families including:

  • Two Licensed Child Care Centres
  • Weekday Casual Care
  • Saturday Care
  • Program and Special Event Care
  • Moving Day Care
  • Emergency and Respite Child Care
  • A Child Care Registry

Licensed Child Care Centre’s

Windsor Park Daycare

Located in Windsor Park, Halifax. Licensed with 62 spaces for children ages 3 months to 5 years.

Shearwater Children’s Centre

Located at 12 Wing Shearwater. Licensed for 161 spaces for children ages 3 months to 12 years.

Licensed under the Day Care Act and Regulations by the Province of NS Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

Daycare Information

Each or our Licensed Child Care Centres have waitlists, which are maintained separately; please contact the Child Care Centre directly to place your name on the list (Waitlist Guidelines document). Infrastructure is one of our biggest challenges; each facility is licensed at maximum capacity and in order to increase enrolment, additional facilities are required. The H&R MFRC understands that our Child Care Centres may be the preference for CAF families, due to quality care and affordability but also since families can connect with other MFRC services. Our staff can work with CAF families to discuss other child care options within the community to meet their family’s needs.

Most openings generally occur in the month of September; when children move on to attend school; the exception to this is infant spaces, which occur throughout the year.

Our Centre has created a Child Care Options Book to provide families with child care options that includes information on all Licensed Child Care Centres within NS, tips to find a quality program; important questions to ask when considering Licensed Child Care or Home Care and information about other child care programs/services offered at both MFRC sites.

Information to assist families in choosing a licensed child care setting for their children can be found on the Early Years Branch website.

CAF families can view the current compliance status and up to 3-year compliance history for any NS Licensed Child Care Centre and Family Home Day Care Agency, which will be helpful to CAF families in the decision making process for choosing quality child care.

Another excellent resource for finding childcare across Canada can be found online at Finding Quality Childcare

Daycare Fee Structure

  • Infant Program (3-18 months)
  • $770/month
  • Toddler Program
  • $704/month
  • Full Day Preschool Program
  • $660/month
  • Before & Afterschool Program Shearwater Site only
  • $330/month
  • Afterschool Program Shearwater Site only
  • $286/month
  • In-service/Storm Days (If not enrolled in BAS program) - Shearwater Site only
  • $17.00/day
  • Part Day Preschool -2 Day Program Shearwater Site only)
  • Mil: $85/m | Civ: $90/m
  • Part Day Preschool -3 Day Program Shearwater Site only)
  • Mil: $105/m | Civ: $110/m

The parent fee on subsidy spaces is based on your individual assessment by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. For more information contact them directly at 902-424-2084.