Unit Family Reps

The Unit Family Representative, a military member chosen to represent their unit, works closely with the Chain of Command and MFRC in a collaborative effort to increase resiliency of unit members and their families to meet the challenges of military life. An annual training opportunity is conducted at the MFRC for all units wishing to enhance their understanding of programs and services available to military families.

As ambassadors of H&R MFRC, the Unit Family Rep will assist the unit and H&RMFRC in:

  • Assist in the promotion of programs and services of the MFRC
  • Acquiring in-depth knowledgeable of MFRC’s resources and activities
  • Communication between command and family members
  • Assisting families adjusting to military life and cope with deployments
  • Promoting confidence and, and a sense of well-being among the families and the unit
  • Reducing stress and promote family and member readiness