National Volunteer Week 2016

National Volunteer Week in Canada is April 10 to April 16. The Halifax & Region MFRC wants to celebrate their dedicated volunteers and congratulate our more than 150 volunteers on their hard work. Each year MFRC volunteers provide our centre with 6,500 hours of assistance, worth more than $100,000 in labour. Without these loyal and enthusiastic volunteers we would not be able to provide the level of care we pride ourselves on. From childcare, photography, administrative assistance and event planning, our volunteers do it all! Thanks to everyone for their time and hard work. Check out our messages and volunteer biographies on our Facebook page, and add your thought on Twitter using the hashtag #HFXMFRCVolunteers.

Facts about Volunteers

  • National Volunteer Week in Canada in 2015 runs from Sunday, April 10 to Saturday, April 16.
  • MFRC volunteers provide more than 6,500 hours of volunteer assistance each year, worth more than $100,000 in man hours
  • MFRC volunteers take part in a variety of activities and have numerous skills to share. Our volunteers take part in administrative roles, event planning, face painting, child care, decorating, running programs, making phone calls, graphic design, writing newsletters, photography and food preparation
  • Volunteers during the HMCS Toronto deployment, which ran from July to January, actively volunteered up to 100 hours per week in support of the Toronto Family Network.
  • Some of the events volunteers assist with at the H&R MFRC each year are: Holiday Fest, DND Family Days, Beach Welcome Day, Eastern Passage and Cole Harbour parades, Natal Day Pancake Parade, Community Outreach and St. Jean Baptiste Day.
  • MFRC volunteers often lead programs on behalf of the MFRC, including: First Aid training, Coffee Connections, Café Francais and Parent & Tot.
  • Each year nearly 2 billion volunteer hours are worked across Canada.
  • The military Family Resource Centre believes that strong families make strong military members – the are ‘the strength behind the uniform,’ helping Canada and nations all over the world maintain peace.

Volunteer Messages

Mayor Mike Savage

Base Commander Angus Topshee

Wing Commander Lise Bourgon

Base Chief Lee Brown