volunteer Opportunities

Front Desk Reception

Shearwater Site

Answer phone calls, greet clients and direct incoming inquiries, process payments for programs, data entry, receive mail parcels and process ID cards. Hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4 p.m., but hourscan be flexible to meet individual volunteer needs.

Operation We Care

Both Sites

This is a volunteer-led initiative supporting CAF members from Nova Scotia who are deployed in various locations throughout the world. Through mailing care packages assembled volunteers we boost morale and send them a piece of home. Training for the Op We Care committee is provided and the committee meets once per season for two hours. Volunteers are invited to packing night to prep the mail out.

Day Cares

Both Sites

The H&R MFRC has two day cares supporting our CAF families. The Shearwater site has 163 spaces and the Halifax site has 63 spaces. Volunteers can support the day cares in many ways.


Shearwater Site

From October to March volunteers are needed to assist with kids skating programs for the day care Children. Volunteers are welcome to skate as well, but must wear a CSA approved hockey helmet.


Shearwater Site

From April to September volunteers are needed to assist with swimming programs for day care children on Friday mornings. Volunteers support the day care staff and interact with the children.

Classroom Assistant

Shearwater and Halifax Sites

This position assists day care staff with classroom duties including reading, free play and meal times. Shifts are typically two to three hours each between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Field Trips

Shearwater and Halifax Sites

Both day cares offer field trips from spring to fall. Volunteers assist day care staff with trips and transportation.

Playground Maintenance/Construction

Both Sites

From spring to fall, volunteers in this role should have a working knowledge of minor construction projects for annual upkeep, build or repair structures, obtain quotes, assist with sweeping and gravel maintenance, and should have access to their own tools.

Program Facilitation

Both Sites

Volunteers will work in partnership with staff planning various programs. Volunteers should feel comfortable working in groups, creating a welcoming environment and possess organizational and problem solving skills. Volunteers in this role should have a sound knowledge of the programs and services at the MFRC.


Both Sites

This role includes toy and furniture assembly, painting, organization of storage, moving equipment and small jobs.

Community Outreach

Shearwater, Halifax, Cape Breton and Outlying Communities in NS

From spring to fall the MFRC attends many events across Nova Scotia, including parades, Canada celebrations and information sessions. The volunteer would help with information displays, handing out promotional items and connecting with community members.

Special Project Assistance

Both Sites

Volunteers can assist in many one-time special projects, including educational displays, welcome package assembly, organizing, data entry, cooking, sewing, scrapbooking, shopping and inventory.

Special Events Lead Volunteers

Both Sites

Working in partnership with the MFRC, the lead volunteer must have excellent communication and problem solving skills and be detail oriented.

Computer Support

Both Sites

Volunteers with computer skills can assist in computer maintenance and virus upkeep for computers at both sites.

Translation Services

Both Sites

Volunteers assisting in translation services should have a working knowledge of French and English, and hours are flexible in the days and hours they choose to volunteer.

Graphic Design

Both Sites

Volunteers would assist with promotional resources, images, banners and multi-media tasks. Knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and InDesign is essential, and volunteers would have their own software and work primarily from their home while consulting with the Services Team at the MFRC.


Both Sites

Volunteers with photography skills can assist with special events to help capture community members and volunteers enjoying our programs. A detailed eye, people skills and professional manner is needed for this position. Equipment is provided, but volunteers can bring their own as well.

Newsletter/Article Writing/Editing

Both Sites

Volunteers can write articles for various internal publications and for the Trident newspaper. Volunteers should be proficient in English, have excellent communication and organizational skills, and be detailed and accurate. Volunteers can work from home or at the MFRC.

Program Support

Both Sites

Volunteers can assist in a number of programs including Tumble Tots, Youth Centre drop in, Francophone events and summer camps. Volunteers should be familiar with programs the MFRC provides families.

Seasonal or Special Events

Both Sites

The MFRC holds a number of special events throughout the year including Family Days, Holiday Fest, the Nova Scotia International Air Show and welcome parties. Volunteers can sign up to assist with games, snack and food service, surveys, information displays, ticket sales, registration and crafts.

Warm Line Calls

Both Sites

For CAF members experiencing separation from their families, MFRC volunteers can call family members with information and provide referral services over the phone. Volunteers can work as a team and make calls designated by the MFRC. Volunteers should have excellent communication and listening skills. Warm line volunteers are provided with training and are supported by staff.

Deployment Departures/Homecoming


The MFRC is involved with deployment and homecoming events, provides support services to families. Volunteers can provide refreshments and help assist with other needs. Volunteers must have excellent communication skills and offer a kind and supportive environment. Departures and homecomings take place at the dockyard and at either MFRC.

Deployment Support

Both Sites

During deployments the MFRC will form volunteer teams to assist with Family Network events, Commanding Officer briefings and video teleconferencing. Volunteers assist about once per month for about six months, working closely with deployment staff. Volunteers must have excellent people skills and be familiar with the H&R MFRC programs and services.