Veteran Family Program

What is the Veteran Family Program (VFP) pilot project?

The Veterans Family Program provides medically releasing CAF members and their families’ access to the Military Family Services Program for two years after release. These programs include; the Family Information Line, Family Force, and seven Military Family Resources Centres. The Halifax & Region MFRC is one of the seven pilot MFRCs and will be expanding existing programs to assist Veterans and their families with the transition to civilian life.

The VFP allows a medically released/releasing CAF member and their family to still have access to the MFRC after release (which was never the case previously) and gives them and their family a way to bring to our attention anything lacking from other organizations that they may be referred to by the Integrated Personnel Support Centre (IPSC).

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The VFP is extended to all medically released/releasing CAF members and their family, who medically release 30 November 2014 – October 2017

What do the VFP services include?

The unique thing about the VFP is that the MFRC has the ability to create new programs and/or services for released/releasing CAF members and their family based on what they and other medically released/releasing CAF members identify are not provided by other organizations. We would/could find out this through a consultation so we can fill that void from elsewhere, with a program/service suited to them and their family’s needs. The ability for them and their family to talk with us, and for us to figure out what suits their individual needs, is how the VFP is different.

**Each veteran and their family are unique and services will be tailored to meet those individual needs**


If you are a medically-releasing/released CAF member or family member, we want your input, so please contact us.

If you don’t fall into the eligibility, we still want to hear from you because we can affect change to the eligibility. For that input, please contact us or the 24/7 Family Information Line (1-800-866-4546).

Transition Programs

The VFP is very new and although the H&R MFRC has not yet created new programing for it specifically, with input we can figure out what’s best for the released/releasing CAF member and their family and move forward from there. Input from discussion groups and individual meetings will also give us the knowledge of what to create additionally.

For more information please refer to the Canadian Ombudsman website at the link below.

The Veteran Family Journal

For a complete list of programs, services and other resources available to your family, please access The Veteran Family Journal.