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Frequently Asked Questions Separation and Divorce: Look here for answers to some of the most asked questions about Separation and Divorce and links to additional resources.

The Impact of Separation and Divorce on Children: Separation and divorce can be challenging for everyone in the family, especially for children. Look here for more information on helping children understand.

Knowing What to Expect (Because Life Goes on…):  Divorce is not a single event, but a process that unfolds over time. It involves a series of family changes and reorganizations that may take several years.


Social Workers

Need to book an appointment? Call 902-427-7788 and ask for the intake worker.

Prevention Support and Intervention Services (PSI) consists of four professional and caring social workers.  They provide short-term counselling, crisis support, assessment and referral, and education and prevention programming.  Services are free and confidential to military members and their families.  Since no referral is required, services are very timely.

Our social workers use a client-centred approach and focus on your well-being by assisting you to identify and use your own problem-solving skills to address issues impacting your and your family’s health and wellness.

The social work team can assist you with issues such as work-related separations, parenting challenges, relationship issues, separation and divorce, grief and loss, and family violence. They also provide information and/or referral services and can assist in connecting you to other services within the H&R MFRC, as well as the greater CF and civilian communities.

For more information or to speak with one of our social workers, please call our 24/7 Family Information & Referral Services Team (FIRST) at 902-427-7788.

The PSI Team is available Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm.  You can access services directly at the Shearwater and Halifax locations and, for family members of ill and injured personnel, at the IPSC. After regular working hours and on weekends, emergency services can be accessed through the Family Information and Referral Services Team or the Duty Chaplain at 902-427-7788 or 1-888-753-8827.


All services provided by Prevention Support & Intervention Social Workers are confidential unless:

    • The client authorizes, in writing, the release of specified information.
    • The information is released under the authority or statute or an order of the court.
    • When a child has been harmed or is at risk of harm as per the Children and Family Services Act, duty to report.
    • In addition, confidentiality may not be possible when there is information that an individual plans to harm him/herself or another person.